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Advanced Materials
년도 2023
학술지명 Advanced Materials
논문명 A Neurospheroid-Based Microrobot for Targeted Neural Connections in a Hippocampal Slice
게재권/집 vol.35 / no.13 / Article number 2208747
저자명 Eunhee Kim, Sungwoong Jeon, Yoon-Sil Yang, Chaewon Jin, Jin-young Kim, Yong-Seok Oh, Jong-Cheol Rah, Hongsoo Choi
Link 관련링크 702회 연결

Functional restoration by the re-establishment of cellular or neural connections remains a major challenge in targeted cell therapy and regenerative medicine. Recent advances in magnetically powered microrobots have shown potential for use in controlled and targeted cell therapy. In this study, a magnetic neurospheroid (Mag-Neurobot) that can form both structural and functional connections with an organotypic hippocampal slice (OHS) is assessed using an ex vivo model as a bridge toward in vivo application. The Mag-Neurobot consists of hippocampal neurons and superparamagnetic nanoparticles (SPIONs); it is precisely and skillfully manipulated by an external magnetic field. Furthermore, the results of patch-clamp recordings of hippocampal neurons indicate that neither the neuronal excitabilities nor the synaptic functions of SPION-loaded cells are significantly affected. Analysis of neural activity propagation using high-density multi-electrode arrays shows that the delivered Mag-Neurobot is functionally connected with the OHS. The applications of this study include functional verification for targeted cell delivery through the characterization of novel synaptic connections and the functionalities of transported and transplanted cells. The success of the Mag-Neurobot opens up new avenues of research and application; it offers a test platform for functional neural connections and neural regenerative processes through cell transplantation.